Why use artificial intelligence in recruitment process?

Having an auto driver fly a plane could have disastrous consequences. So is hiring the wrong person to do a particular job in your organization. As man’s intelligence is improving so are the tricks to dodge human intelligence.  Using artificial intelligence in the recruitment process will help your recruiters to not only select the right people for the job but also do so more efficiently with lasting benefits.

Finding the right talent starts with sourcing potential candidates, and using AI for recruitment now helps the recruiters not only to automate their sourcing process but also to extend their reach at the same time. It is a task that even a task force can find difficult to accomplish. These kinds of tasks are time-consuming and can be taken over by AI. It is also capable of sending personalized messages to prospective candidates to keep them engaged.

Look into your own talent database and Match the Candidate

You might have prospective candidates right within your company and for some reason, they go invisible. Therefore your recruiters might spend enormous amounts of time searching for the right candidates elsewhere other than in their own firm. This could be avoided with the aid of AI. Another fascinating use of AI in recruitment can be found in the process of candidate matching. That is the right person for the right job. AI could be used to track candidate behavior on your website. And automatically send those candidates tailor-made content and messages based on their individual interests.

Remote Workers

Today, recruiting remote workers is becoming more and more important. Because of a lack of candidates in their area or just that the candidates choose to work remotely, companies today are left with no other choice than to hire remote workers. And if they do not hire them their competitors will.  Remote workers make up a big part of the workforce in certain companies and according to the estimates, it is sure to grow. The use of AI assessment tools can be useful to assess a candidate’s skills, personality, and organizational fit. And when the candidates reach the stage of an actual interview and they are not able to arrive for a face to face interview, a video interview combined with AI is a good alternative.

Analysis of Facial Expressions

Since video interviews could be combined with AI, facial expression analysis will help the recruiters to make a wise decision. AI technology is capable of analyzing a candidate’s expressions during the video interview.  Therefore it is able to capture their mood and assess their personality. Even if the candidate lives somewhat close to your offices, a video interview can save both of you a lot of time. Another benefit of a video interview with the aid of AI is that it can be reviewed multiple times.

Diversity in recruiting

A diverse workforce improves employee productivity, happiness, and retention and also improves creativity and innovation. Also, it makes your brand look good. Besides, it increases your employee’s range of talents, skills, & experiences. Diversity has been one of the prominent trends and will continue to be so. But unfortunately, however much we human beings try we are biased when it comes to diversity recruiting. Therefore AI-driven solutions such as chatbots and pre-employment assessments aid your recruiters with their efforts in hiring. AI can help you fight bias and discrimination.

Each employee could be rewarded according to his value.

Most organizations have the same Employee Value Proposition for all employees. Unfortunately, it doesn’t really make sense to give the same value to all employees because each employee is different. While certain benefits may be perfect for one employee, it may not benefit the other. AI can analyze and help the employers to customize and adapt their employee value propositions.

Artificial Intelligence helps the recruiters in their search for the right candidate whether it is sourcing them from inside the firm or outside. And Artificial Intelligence will continue to get improvised and prove itself more useful in the future.

Anshuman Sinha

I am an Entrepreneur and Angel Investor. Board Member of TiE SoCal Angels Fund, and CEO @ Optizm Global, the executive search firm. We are a Right Fit Recruitment & Placement Agency.

I'm the Co-Founder of "StartupSteroid" the platform to connect founders with investors.

I am also the President of TiE SoCal, a non-profit, global community welcoming entrepreneurs from all over the world. We believe in the power of ideas to change the face of entrepreneurship and growing business through our five pillars: Mentoring, networking, Education, Incubating, and Funding. Our presence is in 14 countries with 62 chapters, 15K members, and 3K Investors & Mentors As an Angel Investor I look for Business Plan, Cashflow, Core Team, Board of Advisors, Secure IP, Quality Investors, Monetization Models, USP, Scalability, Strong Returns, Growth Market, and Board Role.