Why Should Startups Outsource Their IT Recruiting and Staffing

“Do what you do the best and outsource the rest.” – Peter Drucker

The past decade was the era of startups. At one end where startups of early 2000 did exceptionally well, on the other end several new startups that started in recent past attracted the attention of their customers and investors alike, resulting in a global startup boom.

This boom came with the challenges of scalability and recruitment. It is impractical to expect startup founders to be well versed in every required skills to manage their business. Every startup doesn’t have a team of professional HR’s managing the recruitment process, and the founders wearing multiple hats might not be able to hire the right resource. Therefore, outsourcing the recruitment process can be a game changer.

Startup owner


IT has a 360 degree impact on almost every business nowadays. Having right IT processes, IT infrastructure, able resources to manage other technological aspects might fuel the business growth. And not just startups, the need for effective IT services, processes and systems is mandatory for the productivity of any organization.

Strong and reliable IT support services can enable companies to stay competitive, making it a must to adopt the latest tech trends, and focus on continuously updating IT processes being used by the company. Startups cannot afford an IT failure, and to ensure that they never face it, they need skilled IT professionals.

Find professionals in IT industry is tough and tricky. In order to find the best person suited for the opening, a person needs to have –

  1. Detailed knowledge of the domain you are hiring for
  2. Awareness of the latest trends
  3. Ability to distinguish between a talker and a doer
  4. And the art of recruitment negotiation

If the founders or existing HR people lack any of the skills, the result might be immediate loss of money, projects, or an adverse impact on overall growth.

To make sure, everything goes right, outsourcing IT recruitment is a wise decision.