What not to do in your hiring process?


Hiring process by OptizmGlobal

Avoiding the don’ts is as important as doing the dos

There are mistakes that can be erased and there are other mistakes that can be written over by a whitener, but there are some which are permanent and damaging. Mistakes made in the hiring process can be serious and damaging. Such mistakes should be avoided in order to gain success in the hiring process. Training yourselves to avoid the don’ts will help your company to stay above your competitors.

It is a known fact that the hiring process is complicated and exhausting for both the recruiters and the applicants. And avoiding things that slow you down or make a wrong hire will prevent you from a lot of hassles in the future.

Don’t misfire when you hire

Some companies believe that old is gold, they are still stuck with the same old methods of hiring. This is like firing through the twisted barrel of a gun. It is sure to misfire. Therefore it is important to aim at the right things. Adapt to new changing methods.

Some companies have a single hiring process for a varied positions or roles. Since each role and position requires a different set of skills and assets, it is wise on the part of recruiters to write down the specific skills and assets that are required for the job at hand. Otherwise they would end up with one clone for many roles, leading to a bad hire. Therefore avoid using the same old methods of recruiting, specify the job description. Only then will you hire without a misfire.

Don’t trim too much when you search

Age, sex, race, religion have become deciding factors in a hire. This is as good as trimming off large portions of your applicants. This will leave you with just a few to select from, who in fact may or may not qualify for the job.

It is said that variety is the spice of life and now it is the spice of your company. Do not hesitate to hire someone different on the team. You could always benefit from a new perspective. And having a variety in employees might prove to be a blessing, because it attracts others to your company making your company more successful and progressive.

Don’t ignore technology

A Dutch proverb says, ‘cost goes before profit.’ This is very true with the money invested in getting the best technology for your company. Some might think it is a dead investment. As matter of fact, without technology your employees feel like they are racing on a treadmill, working hard but reaching nowhere. Good technology will enhance the performance of the employees and thereby contribute to your profits.

This also includes not having a social media account or having a social media account and not updating it. Both can be damaging, because these are platforms where others talk about you. You don’t want people to talk anything that can damage the reputation of your company. Therefore, have a social media account and keep it updated.

Don’t be ambiguous

Ambiguity is the mortal enemy of any relationship, be it between marriage partners or between a recruiter and the candidate. Not being clear about the skills and traits of the candidate could lead to a bad hire. The first step to transparency would be to know your own requirements. And make those requirements clear to the candidates. Having a concrete idea about your requirements will help the candidates understand if they fit your organization. This in turn saves your time to hire and helps you make a good hire.

So to avoid a bad hire, be strict with your don’ts.

Anshuman Sinha

I am an Entrepreneur and Angel Investor. Board Member of TiE SoCal Angels Fund, and CEO @ Optizm Global, the executive search firm. We are a Right Fit Recruitment & Placement Agency.

I'm the Co-Founder of "StartupSteroid" the platform to connect founders with investors.

As an Angel Investor I look for Business Plan, Cashflow, Core Team, Board of Advisors, Secure IP, Quality Investors, Monetization Models, USP, Scalability, Strong Returns, Growth Market, and Board Role.