Steps to Achieving Growth in Your Career This Spring

Spring is the perfect time for a change. It’s when you see new growth on trees, and flowers are in bloom. Many of us see that as a sign to reach for growth in our own lives. This is why spring is the perfect time to focus on positive change in your career. For some of us, career growth means taking a step forward in our work, while others may realize it’s time for a complete overhaul. Either way, this is the perfect time to take that next step, and Optizm Global offers the following guidelines to help.

Put Your Best Self Out There

Whatever your next move is, the first thing you need to do is make sure the image you’re putting forward, whether on your resume, online or in person, is positive and professional. Start by taking a look at your resume and seeing where it can be tweaked to emphasize your new direction and most recent accomplishments. According to, you should consider the style of your resume and how you can be intentional with the use of keywords so they’re picked up by online application systems.

Your online reputation is another thing to be aware of before interviewing for a new job. These days, it’s essential to have an optimized online reputation management plan to make sure you’re presenting your best self online. Even if you haven’t had any issues that you’re aware of, the way you are found (and seen) online can make a huge difference in your job prospects. You want to make sure a search engine turns up the most professional sources when recruiters search for your name.

Find Your Direction

There are numerous phases to making a career change, and these also apply when you’re looking to make a shift within your current field. Common phrases include fear of uncertainty, overcoming uncertainty, and embracing fear, and turning it into an asset. Wherever you are, you may see yourself somewhere in one of these phases or others, and knowing where you fall on this journey can help give you direction for how to move forward.

If you’re just starting to think about making a change, you may still be in the fear-of-uncertainty phase. This is a good time to look closely at signs that you may be stuck. Maybe you feel like you aren’t challenged, or you feel like your work is no longer meaningful. These are signs that it’s time to make a change.

Dream Big

While intellectually you know there are truly some things you probably can’t do based on your skills and background, that doesn’t mean you can’t dream big. By simply allowing yourself to mentally move outside of your comfort zone, you could land on the perfect idea for how to grow your career, and it could be something you never would have imagined.

Maybe you realize what’s tugging at you is to fulfill your dream of being a nurse. Consider all the reasons not to do this, then turn them on their heads and find solutions. For example, does going back to school feel overwhelming? Don’t let it; you can easily achieve a degree online. Problem solved. Maybe it’s not a school that pulls you. Perhaps you want to finally realize your goal of owning your own business. Again, weed out the negatives and solve the problems. “I need a business plan.” Easy, there are countless online resources. “It’s hard to incorporate.” Nope, still easy. This can easily be handled online.

Start Moving Forward

Moving forward is the best way to overcome fear and work toward your new career goals. Change doesn’t happen all at once. It takes baby steps to get started on the right path. Once you know where you’re headed, consider what you need to get there. Do you need to take classes to develop new skills? Maybe you can volunteer or get an internship to help get a foot in the door. While exploring what new skills you need, don’t undervalue those you already have. You may be surprised by how many transferable skills you have that will help you reach that next step.

Keep in mind that you shouldn’t try to make this move on your own. Connect with someone who can serve as a mentor, whether that’s someone within your own network or someone you reach through outside channels.

All of these steps, from finding a mentor to sprucing up your online presence, are essential to the overall process of achieving growth. Change can be scary, but fear is no reason to stay stuck. One step is all it takes to get over the first hurdle and start moving toward growth.

When you’re ready to spring clean your career, help your skills and experience stand out from the crowd by working with recruiting firm Optizm Global. From resume and cover letter writing services to customizing your LinkedIn profile, we’re here to help you reach your dreams.

Anshuman Sinha

I am an Entrepreneur and Angel Investor. Board Member of TiE SoCal Angels Fund, and CEO @ Optizm Global, the executive search firm. We are a Right Fit Recruitment & Placement Agency.

I'm the Co-Founder of "StartupSteroid" the platform to connect founders with investors.

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