6 Incredible Benefits Of Outsourcing Recruitment Processes

Outsourcing of recruitment processes is still new for many companies, who have not yet adopted this practice. However, a majority of new-age startups and even established organizations have adopted recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) in order to enhance their productivity, and reduce the turnaround time in filling up crucial positions.Recruitment-Process-Outsourcing

Some may not realize that there are options to delegate or improve the existing (age-old) recruitment processes. Others may stay with other traditional solutions because either that is the case always, or the boss prefers to follow old paths for recruitment.

However, if you are really willing to adopt the best processes of recruitment and want to settle only for the best candidates for the available positions, here are six amazing advantages of recruitment process outsourcing that will convince you to move ahead and give it a try:

Benefits Of Outsourcing Recruitment Processes

Reduced Recruitment Costs and Turnaround Time

This is one of the main reasons why organizations choose recruitment process outsourcing services. Organizations spend a lot of money and time on head-hunters and job boards, still, they are not able to get the right resource at the right time. For other companies, time is simply wasted on long-term hiring processes or outdated (or missing) technology.

In such scenarios, the cost of hiring a resource goes up, and even with the increased cost of recruitment, the hired resource is not always of the optimum skills and experience due to sub-standards screening processes. By hiring an experienced RPO service provider, organizations can reduce their recruitment costs, streamline their recruitment processes and find great candidates, and all this with less time and a reduced budget.

Scalable Recruitment Ability

Another amazing benefit of recruitment process outsourcing is accelerated and scalable recruitment process in case of emergency. With in-house recruitment teams, it becomes a tough (or impossible) task to complete immediate hiring needs. In case if an organization needs bulk hiring for an immediate contractor to set up another business arm at a different location, meeting immediate recruitment needs is a nightmare.

Recruitment process outsourcing firms are of great help in such an emergency situation. With their skilled pool of recruitment professional and experts with niche domain expertise, they are able to meet immediate demands well. So, fast-growing companies, as well as an established organization, can get help in scaling their recruitment capacity to meet growth.

Consistent and Predictable Recruitment Process

Candidates do not like it if they are unaware of the status of their application. The absence of a transparent, systematic, and tech-enabled recruitment process makes it problematic for both recruiters as well as for candidates.

Recruitment process outsourcing can help you collect everything together and make the recruitment process transparent, consistent, and predictable for both parties (recruiters as well as applicants).

Enhanced Resource Quality

Recruitment process outsourcing companies with a proven record of accomplishment have a team of domain experts, who can screen the candidates at different levels of application and hiring and come up with only the most suitable resources for the job. They know that a great candidate is not only a combination of just experience and education but also personality and previous achievements.

Reduced Attrition Rate

A prime challenge for every organization nowadays is to control the attrition rate. This is a threat that impacts the growth and future prospects of organizations severely. Employing the recruitment process outsourcing companies help reduce the attrition rate by focusing on the stability quotient of a resource before hiring. They also look at the market trends and factors that cause a resource to look for other options and create a proactive plan to retain existing resources and retain new recruits for a long duration.

Enhanced Brand Reputation

The brand reputation of an organization is very important when a new candidate screens for the company before confirming their application or accepting the letter of employment. The company’s identity as an employer and every aspect of the recruitment process impacts the brand’s reputation.

By having a perfect recruitment process, backed with an RPO expert, a brand can enhance their reputation in the eyes of potential candidates. This eventually helps your company become a better place to work.


In general, recruitment process outsourcing helps a company in many other ways that simply lower recruitment costs or provides multiple benefits (some of them explained in this blog). So, if you are a business owner looking for a stable solution to your company’s recruitment needs, its high time for you to decide hiring an RPO partner.


Anshuman Sinha

I am an Entrepreneur and Angel Investor. Board Member of TiE SoCal Angels Fund, and CEO @ Optizm Global, the executive search firm. We are a Right Fit Recruitment & Placement Agency.

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