Fast Your Hiring Process By Following These 5 Ways

The procedure of a company’s finding, choosing, and hiring new personnel is termed the hiring process. As the process involves strategic and realistic thinking while remaining humanistic, there are specific stages that must be followed for it to be successful.

Simple yet Important Tips To Faster Your Hiring Process

  1. Write a proper Job Description

Start from the beginning to change your process; describe the position in a better way. The job description isn’t just told about the job you have available; it should attract the right candidates and create the correct expectation of the position and your company. Thus to make the job description more captivating you should consider below mentioned points when you create it with the hiring manager:

  • List the 5 core skills required for this job.
  • Core responsible work areas of a hired person.
  • After being hired new tasks they learn.
  • For this position company’s performance measurement criteria
  • Required experience for the position

By drafting an appropriate job description of the position, a massive amount of time is cut out as you will be able to receive already filtered applications.

  1. Be open and honest in your conversation.

We understand that you want to hurry up your hiring process, but there are a few ways to speed it up to the point where you lose candidates due to a lack of follow-up.

Include open and frequent communication from the beginning of your communication with your candidate(s) so that they are aware of:

You’ll know you’ve received their application after you’ve received it.

  • When can they get a response?
  • Timeline for the hiring procedure
  • How long will each step most likely take?

This will not only speed up your hiring process but will also entice prospects to stay for the term, even if you can’t match your competitors’ speed.

And, in addition to the open communication you’re providing, there needs to be a sense of individual attention, especially for those who stand out and go through the recruiting process.

Interviewing is stressful, as we all know, so making candidates comfortable and relaxed will allow them to be more honest with themselves during the interview.

  1. Explore interviewing in a dynamic way

If you don’t have to wait for a good day for the interview panel and candidate, you can trim days or even weeks off the interview process by using telephone or video interviews instead. Select your platforms with diligence. You’ll get a lot of applications if you post on every job board in town, but most of them won’t be right for the job and will take time to process. Consider whether a niche board or platform would be more effective if it resulted in a sufficient number of applications.

  1. The Hiring Process Has Too Many Steps

Another challenge with recruiting new staff is the number of hurdles candidates must jump through throughout the hiring process. Interviews are, without a doubt, a time-consuming aspect of any screening process; nonetheless, two or three rounds of interviews should be sufficient to avoid a lengthy timeframe.

  1. Obtain Professional Assistance

The entire hiring process might take a long time and be extremely stressful. Despite their best efforts, many organizations experience difficulties when it comes to hiring Talent.


Optizm Global can assist you in implementing a quick recruitment process by utilizing our numerous proven tactics and best practices, which will streamline the entire process for you. As our professionals assist you in locating your ideal candidate, the hiring procedure will become completely stress-free.

Anshuman Sinha

I am an Entrepreneur and Angel Investor. Board Member of TiE SoCal Angels Fund, and CEO @ Optizm Global, the executive search firm. We are a Right Fit Recruitment & Placement Agency.

I'm the Co-Founder of "StartupSteroid" the platform to connect founders with investors.

As an Angel Investor I look for Business Plan, Cashflow, Core Team, Board of Advisors, Secure IP, Quality Investors, Monetization Models, USP, Scalability, Strong Returns, Growth Market, and Board Role.