Artificial Intelligence: The next big thing in hiring

Human race has greatly benefited from industrialization. Industrialization basically means using machines to do what man can do, just faster and more efficiently. Now is the age of digitalization. Just as man-made machines accomplish more work in less time, the new age digitalization is accomplishing more work in less time. This is very true with regard to the use of Artificial intelligence in recruiting.

The process of recruitment is like a relay race. To win the race all the participants have to be fast and efficient. Even if one link is slow, we lose the (race) right candidate. But imagine if some of the links in the chain are fast, would it not contribute to the final outcome? It surely would. That is exactly what Artificial Intelligence accomplishes in recruiting. It quickens certain mundane procedures efficiently, without compromising the quality.

Artificial Intelligence has a 5-Star rating

Electrical equipments that consume less power are awarded a 5-star rating. Yes, it might sound odd; but the fact is that the use of artificial intelligence in hiring surely is energy efficient! You might wonder what energy. In the process of hiring there are financial costs and man power that is spent and should be accounted for. The hiring process that uses only human recruiters will have to spend large amounts of time sorting and short listing appropriate applications. The use of artificial intelligence in the hiring process will cut down on that time drastically. And so it gives recruiters more time to concentrate on the more important aspects of the hiring process.

Artificial Intelligence keeps the road of communication free from speed breakers

Although each of us has only 24 hours, we are trying to put in 27 hours of work each day. That’s how hectic life has become. The first thing that goes out of the window when we are busy is communication with the candidate. In fact, communication at the right time sends the candidate the message that your company is reliable. Artificial Intelligence has been able to fill in where the hiring staff was busy. It also keeps the candidates up-to-date with the relevant information and feedback. This is one less point on the check list for recruiters to follow through personally.

Pairing the right candidate to the right job

Have you ever tried to find the right key from among hundreds of keys, one that fits the lock? Believe it, it is painstaking. Finding the right candidate that could pair perfectly for the job at hand is equally painstaking. But then Artificial Intelligence could come to your aid in doing just that. It guides your search and leads you to the right candidate. Pairing the right candidate to the right job is made much easier by Artificial Intelligence because it can fine tune the search for you.

Blind hiring done with an open eye

Blind hiring is the method used by recruiters in order to avoid bias based on race, religion, language and so on. Although blind hiring has been a successful method of hiring diverse people, somehow a little bias creeps in through the cracks of human personality. Artificial Intelligence is designed to seal up those cracks. Although things like race, religion, and language are identified, they do not affect the hiring process of artificial intelligence.

The future of hiring is in the hands of Artificial Intelligence. Many might think that AI is going the change the face of the hiring process. But the fact is that it is going to change the core of the hiring process. AI will be the future of hiring. Yes, AI is the next big thing.

Anshuman Sinha

I am an Entrepreneur and Angel Investor. Board Member of TiE SoCal Angels Fund, and CEO @ Optizm Global, the executive search firm. We are a Right Fit Recruitment & Placement Agency.

I'm the Co-Founder of "StartupSteroid" the platform to connect founders with investors.

As an Angel Investor I look for Business Plan, Cashflow, Core Team, Board of Advisors, Secure IP, Quality Investors, Monetization Models, USP, Scalability, Strong Returns, Growth Market, and Board Role.